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re: Which ground or space set is best for you?

Space sets:


Mid to long range tanking set. This is what you use in a cruiser or science ship that's all about staying alive, within a 10 to 5 km range of your opponent.
Set bonuses are all about Damage Resistance (DR), either through moving, or taking a beating, hence staying out of the 5 km tractor beam range.

Breen Absolute Zero:

A tricky one. This set is all about keeping your power levels safe, and your enemies drained. Potential best use is science ships, though escorts can benefit from taking power from your enemy to fuel your weapons.
Also has a lovely 30% bonus damage to transphasics.

Jem'hadar space set:

Ironicly, a defensive set. Power insulaters, inertial dampeners. The only thing offense is the set bonuses that boosts Polaron damage, and the Antiproton sweep.

Omega Force:

All about the alpha. Get in, hit hard, get out. Preferably without leaving your enemy standing.
Tetryon Glider does more damage to shields, so not wasting ammo bringing them down, and the Gravitic anchor will keep your enemy in your sights, since they can't turn.


Another defensive set, not too disimmiler from the Aegis, but yeah, it's MACO. Bonuses to structural and shields keep you alive, while keeping your team alive with your own heals.

Honor Guard:

Carriers and heavy cruisers (Bortasqu', Negh'Var), but primerily carriers. The deflector is all about support, engines will never run dead thanks to 'Hot Restart'. And the shields can take a cubic shit-ton of damage, not to mention screw with enemy accuracy.
Passive bonuses to torp damage and Aux make it a good support role set, especially with the Mask Energy Field. 3 km sphere of 'where'd they go?'


My experience, it's all about dog-fighting. Short range, fast ships, and shields that drop and come back up faster than a Scotsman blood/alcohol content. The inherent power system boosts, hull and shield regen passives, and the added power draining tractor can make this set lethal in CQC.

Science support. Probably the best thing a FED Atrox can use, since we don't get Honor Guard. Boosts to gravity wells, tyken's rifts, feedback's all there. Death by Science.

Ground sets:


A long range, defensive ground set. Best suited to engineers and science, thanks to it's shield boosting set bonus. Not to mention the rifle has a bitch of a knock back.


A tricky set to master. Offensive squad support, I think. Tacs or Sci will probably benefit most from this particular Spec-Ops set.

Honor Guard:

In your face, close range, grenade launching death. Definate tactical set, though engineers can benefit, too. Again, it's all about being up-close, so don't be afraid to get in kissing range of a Borg with this set on your person.

Jem'hadar Armored Shroud:

Heal, stealth, slight purple tinge? Give your enemy a /fabulous/ death. A good stopover set, until you get one of the STF ones, or a excellent PvE set, full stop.

Now these are my observations, feel free to add your own.
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